The Move to Manual Osteopathy

May 8, 2013 I wrote the following on my FB business page,

“I’ve got some news I’d like to share with you. I’ve discussed this with family and a few friends for some time now. But it’s time to “get it out there”. Most of you know me as a writer (and a really BAD poet!) And I am. But, over time, I’ve been finding that the writer’s life is a wee bit too stationary and quite a bit too solitary an existence for me.

I’ve been looking for “more” for over a year now and my daughter found it a while ago.
On May 13 I shall become a student at Makami College in their Massage Therapy program.

I will still be writing. However, the topics will not be so focussed on science and technology.
I’m pretty excited about this shift in direction. I’m looking forward to sharing parts of it with you.”

That was over 5 years ago and I still want more. Why? 

Well, over those years, I’ve noticed that I’m simply not reaching the people who need it the most and I also feel that I’m not doing that best I can with those I do work with (I’m not “hitting the spot”!)

Massage DOES work in most cases. I’m still doing that.

I’ve believed for a long time that a body can heal itself sometimes if we just get out of its way and let it do its thing. I still believe that.

I left tech writing to learn and to teach people what I’ve learned. I’m still doing that!

This week in class we learned some amazing ways of dealing with neck and back pain, not too distant from what I’ve doing with my clients. I’ll be incorporating these ASAP into my practice.

By the time of this publication, it has been almost two years and over 1700 hours of additional training in manual osteopathy…including over 400 hours of practicum (hands on) training.

This stuff is POWERFUL! I’ve totally overhauled the way I conduct my treatment sessions. I can usually see results in minutes rather than over many sessions. I can usually teach my clients to self-treat (safely) in the comfort of their homes rather than wait for days or weeks to book with me.

If your massage therapist just isn’t “hitting the spot”, find a manual osteopath near you:

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