Pain Science

This is going to be an extremely short (yet meaningful) blog posting. I’d like to introduce readers to one (ONE!) rather amazing site called Pain Science (

The site’s owner, Paul Ingraham: “I study the science of aches and pains — mostly musculoskeletal stuff, which is often surprisingly weird and interesting — and translate it for patients and professionals, about 30,000 of you each day, viewing about 1.1 million pages per month. I try to make it much friendlier than an institutional health care site, and yet more scholarly than most health blogs. I put emphasis on self-help for the patient, empowerment through education, but many professionals come here too — because everyone appreciates clear, simple language about complex problems.”

Check out the library (seriously, a library) of information here: and get a grip on what ails you.

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I moved the post here after learning about Google’s intent to shut down its Google + service. I had no idea what its plans for its Blogger service would be and decided to “play it safe” and reduce my dependence on them.

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