What you want to ask your therapist

You can ask your therapist all kinds of questions. There’s no point being as “quiet as a mouse”. After all, this is YOUR massage session. There may be some things you want to know.

Here’s some questions to consider asking them BEFORE you get on the table:

– Where did they get their training and how long have they been in practice.

– How do they keep up with trends in their industry. 

– What recent continuing education have they taken. (We’re required to “keep up” by taking continuing education courses regularly.) Will this training be incorporated into my therapy?

– What is the therapist’s favourite style of massage (relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, other?)  

–  What association are they registered with? This is useful to know in cases where your “favourite” therapist leaves a particular clinic unexpectedly. If that happens, you just need to look up the therapist in the association’s directory to reconnect with them.

– What certifications do they have? We can be certified in areas outside of massage! Areas like personal training. Maybe some of those other certifications would be of value to you.

– Walk me verbally through a session. I want to hear you describe exactly what you will be doing to me.

– Will you write out my home care after the session so I don’t have to remember what you’re saying during the session.

– Do they follow up the next day to ask how the session went?

– Do they ever follow up to ask about further sessions?

(This post originally appeared on my Google Blogger site at: https://robhodgins.blogspot.com/2016/07/what-do-you-want-to-ask-your-therapist.html. I moved the post here after learning about Google’s plan to shut down its Google + service and I had some concerns regarding the future of its Blogger service.)

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