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The People’s Limousine

Hidden benefits. We have enjoyed a very mild winter this year. Barely any accumulation of snow to speak of with the exception of a very cold few weeks about a month back. My car didn’t start and didn’t sound right after a few days of -50C windchill. I lost a few days of work at …

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Say Goodbye 10% Discount

Good bye. This was fun. Back in August of last year I was trying to think of ways to reward clients (new and old) for coming back to my newly re-opened massage practice. I thought that offering a 10% discount would be a nice way for me to say, “Thank you”! And the response was …

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Watch Those Feelings

The weather CAN affect your mood. Keep an eye on both. It’s not just low temperatures. High temperatures can also change your mood. We may not think about the weather too much. But we should. And we have to consider it’s impact on us because it can and does change our actions. This article describes …

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It’s time for a cold one

It’s been a good run, hasn’t it? If you have happened to look at the weather forecast for dear old #yeg lately, you already know what is coming. In case you haven’t…nature is trying to recoup it’s losses from October through to December in one weekend! It’s going to be cold. Very cold. How cold …

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