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Of Booking Calendars and Other (Re)Start Up Issues.

It has been a hectic few weeks over here at Rob Hodgins Calm. And it has been fulfilling. Former clients and new friends had been asking if I’d ever get back into massage. At first my response was a firm “No”. I have always made it a policy to never reopen a door once I …

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The Type 1 Diabetic Balancing Act

It’s been 9 months since my diagnosis. I have been keeping a daily journal of my blood sugar results (umpteen readings per day). I have been recording the foods I have eaten (and the amounts) at what time of day I ate. I have kept an eye on the weather and its impact on my …

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A New Start

As all good things must come to a start. There isn’t any one date things changed. Just a series of micro-changes over time that led to a life that is totally different than what it was. Some of the changes include diet. I’m now nearly a complete vegetarian. I don’t have any spiritual reason for …

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In the flow.

It’s kinda crazy how it happens: EVERYTHING seems to be working against you. Seems that’s the only thing you can count on “This project/this endeavour/this attempt/this breath will get mucked up.” You come to expect it. And then… And then… You’re in the clear and flying high as stuff starts flowing your way. THAT is …

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